Sportswear has changed … This is not a slogan for the company Hero only !!!

This slogan expresses the concept of sportswear today and that it’s different from yesterday due to rapid change in today’s world, We’ve followed that change, as Hero’s products are always developing and we’re always trying to please our customers and as we’re interested in the Gulf market, we noticed that the weather there is a humid atmosphere and quite hot warm, we’ve provided special fabrics that doesn’t make you feel itchy and doesn’t absorb sweat, as well as ventilation fabrics which are very light to help you stay fresh all day long.

In addition, the company produces a new technology in our products under the name (Trick Tech), which makes the player dry during the match as the sweat evaporates out of the body and the fabrics don’t absorb it because when fabrics absorb swear during a match or any other sport/activity it increases the weight of clothes 60% to 65% which will weight the players down and lower their performance and efficiency.

The company has paid special attention casual clothes as another line that the company works in (100% made form high-quality Egyptian cotton).

Also because the company is targeting various sports markets around the world we have prepared special specifications of the European markets, especially in the east where special specifications simulate the needs of the athletes in that part of the earth to achieve full satisfaction along with our customers around the world.

Athletes aren’t the only thing we pay attention to, but we do care about our sons and daughters in schools, as  we made special designs characterized by simplicity and elegance made of Egyptian high-quality cotton.

We work constantly to overcome the ambitions of our customers.

Dr. nagy yahia





Producing a High Quality Sportswear which comes from a professional team behind for every athlete all over the world which enhances the joy of playing and it’s lifestyle.



First choice in Egypt, with being one of the top 10 brands all over the middle east in the industry within the next 5 years by producing a big variety of Sportswear for all athletes all over the world.

Company Chairman and Managing Director

Sports is not only for professionals ... but it's time for all of us enjoy a healthy body, which is the most valuable thing we own in a matter of fact.
Everybody in the world has the right to enjoy the practice of sports and feel happy and energetic, And because high-quality, comfortable sportswear is always encouraging to practice sports And it's become quite difficult to find high-quality sportswear for an affordable price ..... So we put as a challenge for us to provide our customers with sportswear precisely made to be comfortable, look fancy and make you feel the difference and with the cheapest prices in the market to allow everyone to practice there favorite sport happily.
We did not limit ourselves to that, we are proud of our products to the very detail as it provides a special experience while practicing your favorite sport.
So on this concept it was the beginning of Hero Egypt Sportswear Company in 1995 and the formation of an excellent staff to provide good services before and after sales.

Only …definition enjoy

DR/ Nagy Yahia


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