Over the past two decades our company

has acquired a lot of skills and experience in our field of sportswear manufacture which helped us keep going forward and accomplishing things never seen before in Egypt and the Middle East

Where we were able to build a brand and launch it professionally which gained our customers’ satisfaction, later on we started gaining marketing share in competitive markets and to this day, which led to us spreading from Egypt to The Gulf to the world and specifically England where we sponsored the Egyptian national team in the dodge ball world cup in Manchester 2016.

We think that it is our duty to provide an opportunity for various companies operating in the sports industry to take advantage of our experience as brands are a very important factor in any countries economy. So we as a brand would like to give specialized consulting to other starting brands around the world.

Now you can request our consulting services to establish your brand and develop your commercial
and industrial business wherever you are for free

  1. How to build and create a board from the moment of the birth of the brand's name?
  2. How to launch a new brand successfully in a short time?
  3. Business activities ,marketing, and promotional development
  4. The specifications of perfect sportswear for every sport
  5. The specifications of shoes and sportswear generally
  6. The secrets of the development of the various fabrics used in sportswear manufacture
  7. The five secrets to spreading your brand's name world wide
  8. Strategic planning
  9. Marketing plans
  10. Market studying and analysis



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